New beginnings at St Martin’s!

Welcome to Newgate, our new Reception Class at St Martin’s Academy!


The teaching team at St Martin’s can not believe how well Newgate have settled in since the beginning of term. Their first weeks at school have been jam-packed and filled with amazing memories and fun.

The children began the term with two transition mornings when they were reunited with their Bridgegate budies, strengthening their friendships during play times as well as spending their very first lunchtime together. Roast dinner Wednesday went down a treat!

The children have been exploring their topic ‘All About Newgate’. The children talked about themselves to the group, focusing on key details, and then applied this to making a paper plate face of their own to add the display. The teacher’s have been blown away by the support and encouragement that the children are showing each other during circle times; this contributes to their growing confidence and is setting the tone for a wonderful year in Newgate!