North West Academies welcome the opportunity to work with new schools, whether they join our trust or seek school-to-school support.

Our Trust offers a wide range of services, individually tailored to address each school’s specific needs and requirements. We get to know the school, its pupils, staff and parents, and form a genuine partnership that will encourage and promote positive change.

Below are some of the ways we can help.

Educational Support

• Guidance on strategic school improvement work
• Monitoring of results and data
• School-to-school support through shared teacher links
• Mentoring of teaching staff and NQTs
• Support of a dedicated School Improvement Partner
• Action and school development planning
• SEND support
• Performance management of senior staff

Ofsted Guidance

• New Ofsted framework training and support
• Support with Ofsted preparation
• Monitoring, evaluation and guidance on strategic school development planning

Leadership and Management

• Developing vision and strategy
• Support with Ofsted preparation
• Monitoring, evaluation and guidance on strategic school development planning
• Advice on staffing and school structure
• Recruitment and interview support


• Development of robust and efficient governance structures
• Advice on third party agreements
• Governor training
• Effective clerking support

Financial Management and Support

• Financial compliance with EFA and DfE requirements of the Financial Academies Handbook
• Support with and/or submission of EFA required documents
• Effective budget planning and financial monitoring
• Preparation of annual and monthly budgets and reports
• Provision, hosting, training and support for SAGE
• Review and reconciliation if required of monthly payroll journal
• Submission of all VAT claims
• Monthly LGPS and teacher pension uploads
• Statutory audit support, including preparation for pensions and the annual financial accounts audits
• General advice on business-related and compliance-related issues

Other Services we can provide

• Health and safety support and compliance
• Marketing and communications support
• Medicash healthcare plan
• Catering
• Website design and hosting provided by Essential Design NW Ltd
• HR support
• Legal services provided by Mitchell Charlesworth
• Safeguarding