Finance and Accounts

Financial Resources

Strong financial management is at the heart of everything we do, with clear operational budgets to ensure finances are used effectively to meet the needs of the children at our schools.

Our trustees and staff carefully consider the allocation and use of resources across teaching areas, support areas and communal areas to provide the best environment for teaching and learning. We apply the principles of best value when making decisions about:

  • The allocation of resources to best promote the aims and values of the school.
  • The targeting of resources to best improve standards and the quality of education provision.
  • The use of resources to best support the various educational needs of all students.

The trust’s board represents a broad cross-section of the community. Our trustees include experienced educationalists, business people and community leaders, and they support and challenge the senior management team in equal measure to enable and facilitate the highest educational standards within our schools.

Audited Accounts

All multi academy trusts are required to publish audited accounts in accordance with Education Funding Agency (EFA) guidelines.

We place a premium on accountability and transparency. North West Academies Trust’s accounts are prepared each year by the CEO and independently audited by Hacker Young, Chester.

All accounts are submitted to the EFA. A copy of the Trust’s most recent accounts can be viewed below.

North West Academies Trust Limited Trustees’ Report and Audited Accounts 2018.

North West Academies Trust Limited Governors’ Report and Audited Accounts 2017

North West Academies Trust Limited Final Accounts 2016

North West Academies Trust Limited Governors’ Report and Audited Accounts 2015

We are fully compliant with the most recent version of the Academies Financial Handbook, the government’s financial guidelines for academies. A copy of the handbook can be viewed below.

Academies Financial Handbook 2019

Value for Money

Master Funding Agreement 2018

As a small trust, obtaining value for money is essential to maximise the educational opportunities for each of our pupils.

Our trustees interpret value for money as ensuring the maximum return for the resource applied, whether it is financial resources expended or time spent by staff and management on a particular activity.

The trust compiles a Value for Money Statement each year, reflecting the work we have undertaken.