Viking invasion at Delamere Academy

Njal Thorfinnson describes life as a Viking seafarer, trader and farmer to Year 2 pupils


A terrifying Viking warrior invaded Delamere Academy last week – and children absolutely loved him!

The tall, bearded man from the middle ages looked fearsome when he strode into lessons dressed for combat and carrying a huge sword.

But Njal was looking for fun and games rather than blood and thunder, and pupils had a wonderful time learning about people who came to our shores from Scandinavia –years ago.

The Key Stage 1 pupils donned authentic tunics and battle helmets as they travelled on stormy seas aboard an imaginary longboat and practiced fighting tactics.

It was all part of the Stoney Lane school’s mission to capture children’s imagination as they study British history.

Key Stage 1 teacher Gemma Prince, said: “It turned out better than I could have imagined. He spent the day with us and the children loved it.

“I wanted to find a way to capture their imaginations and really help them to understand how different life was for our ancestors.”

The school’s topic this term is ‘how did Britain begin?’ It has included daytrips to Beeston Castle and an Anglo Saxon day, complete with hogroast.

Delamere Academy is part of North West Academies Trust (NWAT), which has a clear vision of providing exciting new ways to learn.

Julie Clayton, Head of School, said: “Our teachers work extremely hard to provide wide and varied opportunities for pupils to try something new and have fun.

“This event created lots of excitement in the school and helped deliver our vision of opening children’s eyes to the wonderful world of possibility.”