A Titanic journey for pupils’ maiden voyage

Irish eyes were smiling on Oak View Academy pupils when they made their maiden voyage to Belfast with a quick stop off at a museum dedicated to the Titanic.

Many of the Year 4 pupils from the Winsford school had never been overseas before, so their trip to Belfast had them grinning from ear to ear.

Headteacher Fiona Whittaker said the whole trip was a valuable learning experience.

“For many of our pupils it was the first time they had travelled so far from home, so everything from going through security with a boarding pass at the airport, flying on a plane, travelling into the city on a bus and visiting the museum was a new, important experience.

“That was the objective – to open children’s eyes to a new world of possibility. And it was a fantastic visit – the children thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Pupils from Sycamor Class and their teachers set out from the Whitby Lane school at 6.30am and flew from Liverpool to Belfast airport – arriving back in Liverpool at 6.10pm.

Parents paid £15 towards the cost of the flights, but the rest of the trip was subsidised by the Timpson Bursary.

Oak View is one of several schools in Cheshire, including Delamere Academy near Northwich and St Martin’s Academy at Chester, which are run by North West Academies Trust (NWAT).

NWAT is supported by the Timpson Foundation, a philanthropic initiative – spearheaded by John Timpson and his wife Alex – which has a strong tradition of supporting worthwhile causes.