Telecoms firm Vivio send strong message backing Trust appeal

Award-winning Chester-based business telecoms and IT company Vivio is leading by example after backing a campaign to ensure all pupils have access to online lessons during lockdown.
The appeal, launched by the North West Academies Trust, aims to support children who are unable to join virtual classrooms due to a lack of technology at home.

Vivio has stepped up to make a generous donation which will help scores of local families ensure education can continue.

Director Lizzie Wright hopes other firms and individuals will also throw their weight behind the campaign.

She said: “We were looking for a way to help and be part of a real effort to help in our local community. We can’t stand by and allow children to miss a large part of their education.

“We thought that the campaign was a perfect fit, so we’re really pleased to support it. I hope many more companies get on board because it is so important.”

The North West Academies Trust, who run eight schools in Cheshire and Shropshire have pledged to collect all devices and have them professionally wiped and reconditioned, so that they are ready for use by a school child.

Lizzie Wright, says that was a key factor in the decision to donate desktop computers, brand new laptops and a number of other devices.

She explained: “Everyone is concerned about data protection when it comes to considering giving away a used device and that’s entirely understandable.

“The reassurance that they are all taken directly to be wiped and reconditioned has made all the difference and I would like to think that would put others’ minds at rest.

“I hope some of our Clients do what they can to support this scheme and we are encouraging all our colleagues to bring in what they can. I think this will work really well and has the potential to make a very positive impact.”

Schools across the country are facing challenges as they adapt to teaching online. The trust found that despite support from The Department for Education for the most vulnerable pupils, a substantial number of pupils were still unable to receive lessons at home.

CEO Steve Docking said: “I’ve been genuinely overwhelmed at the generosity we have been shown since we started asking for donations and we are extremely grateful to Vivio for their kind contribution.

“Thanks to this tremendous good will, we have enough laptops to support pupils at our high school. Now we are hoping to obtain enough devices for younger children at our feeder primaries, as well as other schools locally.”

Should the trust receive more devices than are needed, they will be quickly redistributed to other schools in the area who have the same need amongst their children.

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