St Martin’s Academy pupils help give children in hospital a cosy Christmas

Caring children at St Martin’s Academy raised nearly £900 to buy pyjamas for children who will spend Christmas in hospital.  

Pupils wore theri own PJs for the day to raise funds for children who will spend the festive period in hospitals, hospices and Women’s refuges across the North West.  

The Year 6 pupils then walked from their school in Hoole to Chester city centre shops where they chose the pyjamas themselves. 

Assistant Headteacher Lizzie O’Donoghue said: “The children are always very keen to help others in need and this project in particular resonated with them. We couldn’t be any more proud of their efforts.”  

Cheshire Coordinator for Children’s Hospital Pyjamas Lisa Cleaver praised the children for the ‘fantastic amount’ they raised.  

She said: “The pyjamas are donated and sent with love so that each child who receives a pair knows that someone is wishing them a speedy recovery and is thinking of them.  

“When I started appealing for pyjamas in late September I was hopeful I would be able to collect enough to donate to everybody in the Countess of Chester Children’s ward.   

“But I had such an overwhelming response from residents, schools and businesses in Cheshire that I have enough to make a donation of a full set of pyjamas to four Cheshire hospitals and four children and baby hospices!  

“I’ll be donating over 1,800 pairs of brand-new pyjamas over the coming weeks. This will ensure they are ready to be handed out at Christmas.   

“Any leftover pyjamas are then used throughout the year by the hospitals and hospices for unforeseen situations such as when a child has had their clothes cut off in A&E or when they have ended up staying in hospital unexpectedly.   

“I’ve been totally overwhelmed by the response I’ve received. The pyjamas donated will bring a smile and comfort to every child at Christmas this year.”  

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