St Martin’s Academy are virtually face to face with teachers

Dedicated teachers at St Martin’s Academy are transporting the classroom into pupils’ homes by live-streaming lessons at least three times a day.

With all schools closed to everyone aside from the children of key workers because of the coronavirus crisis, pupils are required to learn in lockdown for the foreseeable future.

But educators at St Martin’s are pulling out all the stops to ease pressure on parents and help children keep their progress on track.

Using the latest technology, teachers are beaming lessons and daily fun challenges direct to kitchens, sitting rooms and bedrooms several times a day to make sure pupils see familiar faces and maintain morale.

Teacher Lizzie O’Donoghue said: “It’s important our children can see our faces, feel our energy and hear our voices to help them engage and understand we still care.

“In the morning we reflect on the hard work we’ve done the day before, then speak about the tasks ahead.

“At lunchtime we set challenges, reminding them of the activities and games they can access, and we also have time for jokes, singing and fun facts, with everyone encouraged to join in.

“Interacting online helps them communicate socially, and the children can send messages, videos and photos that we share with the rest of the class. And in the evening we read them a story.

“It’s important that we make the best of a difficult situation, and be as positive and upbeat as possible. We’ve had lots of lovely feedback from pupils and parents, which has kept our spirits up as we strive to ensure we continue delivering the best possible education.”

The academy in  Hoole is part of North West Academies Trust (NWAT).

Photos: St Martin’s Academy daily challeges have included building fortress dens, baking and making smoothies.