Sporting round-up: St Martin’s Academy

Pupils at St Martin’s Academy enjoyed a week jam-packed with sport and activity.

On Monday, a Year 3 Water Polo team took to the water in their first tournament with the help of Year 2 pupil Arthur. The team started off well taking on an experienced team for the first game. This was a big learning curve for the children and as the games went on the team continued to improve.

Back at school the rest of Northgate and Watergate classes were piecing together their handball skills and Bridgegate have been learning how to deliver the over-arm serve in volleyball. Not to be left behind, Newgate continued to practise their serves in tennis and have been improving their racket skills each week.

On Tuesday, the tag rugby team visited Delamere to take part in a tournament. All of the children had a brilliant time, developing their knowledge of the rules as well as the skills involved in the game. Half of the children played for the school team while the others teamed up with some children from Delamere to create a hybrid rugby team called St Delamere!

The children showed excellent sportsmanship playing with children they had never worked with before and developed great sporting relationships in a short space of time. The St Martin’s team played some brilliant rugby and came out winning every game; we have some real rugby stars of the future!

To finish off a busy week the Year 3 cross country team competed in the Chester Schools Cross Country Competition at Ellesmere Port Sports Village on Friday. The team displayed some fantastic stamina and speedy sprint finishes – well done, everyone!