Seal of approval for lockdown learning at Weaverham

Councillor Gillian Edwards has said a big ‘well done’ to staff at Weaverham Primary Academy for their dedication to educating children during lockdown.

The Cheshire West and Chester councillor wrote to Head of School Jo Price after seeing their inventive social media posts aimed at keeping children engaged and learning during lockdown.

Children have seen their teachers turn on the entertainment to keep them engaged with learning, and children have responded with their own videos to proudly show their achievements at home.

Cllr Edwards, who represents the Weaver & Cuddington Ward, said: “I love reading the regular social media posts from Weaverham Primary Academy and have very much enjoyed seeing the photos online. Technology has been a lifeline and enabled people to stay connected.

“Throughout this crisis, communities have bonded in ways in which they haven’t for a long time and school leadership has been such an important part of this.  Well done.”

She added: “Nationally, locally and within my ward, the dedication of staff, parents and pupils has been absolutely amazing.  All working together whether home schooling or in school, for the children of key workers.

“I have been amazed by the determination and passion of all involved to balance academic education alongside learning and development, in addition to juggling the challenges of daily life at this difficult time.

“The children have coped remarkably because not being able to see their friends and experience their familiar routines at such a young age must be extremely difficult.”

With all schools closed to everyone aside from the children of key workers because of the coronavirus crisis, pupils have been required to learn at home since closure on March 20.

But inventive teachers at Weaverham, which is part of the North West Academies Trust (NWAT), have been finding all sorts of ways to keep the kids entertained.

Head of School Jo Price said: “It was a real boost when Cllr Edwards wrote to say she enjoyed our ‘fabulous, colourful posts’ and that she enjoyed seeing us plant the daffodils she provided. There have been lots of challenges and we have all loved seeing the children having a go.

“There has been so much to do, staff have learned new skills in order to keep children learning as they would in the classroom, and we have made sure that all our families still receive the support they need.”

Weaverham Primary Academy joined NWAT last year, and Mrs Price, along with Executive Headteacher Fiona Whittaker, were appointed to spearhead an improvement plan.

As Headteacher at Oak View Academy, Ms Whittaker helped transform it from second worst primary in the country to a school rated ‘good’ by Ofsted.

Other NWAT schools include Delamere Academy, near Northwich, and Acresfield Primary School, Chester, which are ranked first and second in West Cheshire in the latest performance tables, and St Martin’s Academy, Chester, which is the most over-subscribed school in the borough.

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