Science stars shine at Oak View Academy


Brainy pupils’ science skills were put under the microscope during a week of fun challenges at Oak View Academy.

The whole school took part in a competition which saw each class given a series of investigations to complete in a bid to earn points.

The experimenting aces had to solve puzzles, including how to make a purple drink for an alien, which type of chocolate melts quickest and discovering the most air resistant parachutes.

Now the three classes chosen as winners will be treated to a fun science workshop, complete with the type of explosive experiments and disgusting demonstrations they love.

Year 5 teacher Amy Richardson said: ‘The competition was designed to develop the children’s curiosity and get them reasoning for themselves.

For some of the tasks they were given the necessary equipment and asked to find the solution for themselves, and they responded brilliantly.

They loved the week, and the competition element was an added incentive that had them all excited.’

Oak View Academy is part of North West Academies Trust (NWAT) which oversees a number of schools in Cheshire and Shropshire.

All the NWAT schools pride themselves on finding new and innovative ways for pupils to learn, often away from the classroom.

It’s that kind of approach which saw the youths working out how many bones are in a human arm, and how to build the tallest possible tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows, during Science week.

NWAT has had an unprecedented year of successes. Oak View – ranked second worst primary in the country in 2014 – is now amongst the top 5% of schools according to end-of-year progress results.

Delamere CofE Academy – listed for closure a decade ago – has been ranked as one of the best 10 primaries in the country by Tatler magazine.

St Martin’s Academy, a new free school that rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted after only 18 months, is now six-times oversubscribed.

And Ellesmere School in Shropshire, linked to NWAT in 2016, is now outperforming the vast majority of schools in the county.

Fiona Whittaker, Principal at Oak View said: “We get the best results from our children by setting them interesting challenges and allowing them to explore the learning themselves.

“It is essential that they don’t sit at desks for hours on end, so we find new ways to engage them, which allows them to explore and solve challenges independently.”