Safety first at St Martin’s Academy

Newgate Class at St Martin’s Academy, Chester, have been learning all about keeping safe.

The children had a story read to them exploring the importance of staying with an adult and being safe near the roads. Following this they learnt about the Green Cross Code. The children then sequenced the Green Cross Code rules into 6 simple steps. They explored their fine motor skills to cut and stick the picture sequence into place – super remembering!


Safety when crossing the road was then applied to our Scooter School adventures led by Mrs Thombs. Each child had the opportunity to learn about how to ride a scooter safety, what to wear to make sure they are seen and how to cross the roads safety with their scooter equipment. The children listened carefully and made a promise to apply what they have learnt to be safe outside of school.

The children then had a visit from a real ambulance which caused great excitement. Josh’s daddy had arranged for paramedics from ERS Medical to come to school with a working ambulance that was able to stay in school for a little longer than usual. The children discussed what an ambulance was used for, what it sounds like and what it looks like inside. The children also learnt about the different areas and equipment inside an ambulance. Everyone showed super listening and even had the chance to try on a paramedic’s safety helmet.