Rudheath Senior Academy ‘proud’ of breathtaking transformation

The £1.5m second phase of work to transform Rudheath Senior Academy is near completion. 

The finishing touches are now being applied to renovations which have created five new fully equipped classrooms and a large drama hall boasting a stage and state-of-the-art lighting.  

The first phase, which cost £3 million, saw the construction of a new entrance, staff hub, staff toilets, office space, a Year 7 Hub, six new classrooms and a revamped garden space.  

Lee Barber, who joined the school as Headteacher in 2020, said: “We now have a brand new school with facilities that rank amongst the best in the area.  

“The renovations have been so extensive that it allowed us to completely changed the layout of the school.  

“We now have a Year 7 Hub, so children moving up from primary school do all their lessons in what is essentially their own school.   

“While they benefit from all the other facilities, their base is a stand-alone area which makes the transition to secondary education much smoother.  

“This is a new era for Rudheath. We’re not just a different school to look at, we are improved in every way.”  

North West Academies Trust (NWAT) took over the running of the school in 2018 and began the ambitious restructuring and renovation of parts of the buildings devastated by an arson attack in February 2018. 

In June, the school will learn whether it has been successful in securing a Government Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) grant to complete work on the roofs and heating systems in the remaining areas of the school – completing 95% total transformation.  

NWAT CEO Steve Docking said: “The school is absolutely unrecognisable and we are very proud of what has been achieved through a lot of hard work and determination.  

“The school building now reflects the high standards that are making this school truly exceptional.   

“I will never forget my first visit to Rudheath Senior Academy – I quickly realised we had a truly monumental task ahead.   

“Quite simply, it is not the same school. Now I am so proud of what we are providing to pupils at Rudheath.”  


  • Paul Challinor, Site Manager, from construction company Building Projects
  • Headteacher Lee Barber