Pupils step into shoes of their role models

Imaginative children from Delamere Academy gave teachers a glimpse of the future when they were asked to dress up as someone inspirational.

The school’s ‘aspirations day’ gave pupils an opportunity to step into the shoes of their role models – and classrooms at the school, near Northwich, were duly filled with doctors, teachers, electricians and racing drivers.

Some of Chester’s finest proved a real source of inspiration. The city’s Consultant Paediatrician and TV presenter Dr Ravi Jayaram was young Amelia Wood’s idol, while Chester Zoo vet and TV star Ian Ashpole sets the example for her twin sister, Bella.

Other children looked even closer to home, and several imitated teachers they look up to.

The event was part of the school’s mission to ‘open children’s eyes to the wonderful world of possibility’.

Amanda Walker, Key Stage 2 Lead Teacher, said: “It’s great fun for the children to dress up as their role models and it’s really helped them to visualise their ambitions.

“Key Stage 2 children did some fantastic presentations which gave us all a lot to think about.”

Headteacher Steve Docking said: “We want children to see what’s beyond the classroom. Getting them to consider who inspires them and why, will then help them understand the attitude needed for success.”

Mr Docking is also CEO of North West Academies Trust and manages schools across Cheshire and Shropshire. A new school, Ledsham Manor, is poised to open in Ellesmere Port in 2019.

He added: “Throughout our schools, we are constantly looking for exciting new ways to challenge children and help them realise what they are capable of achieving.

“It was great to see the people they take inspiration from and it gives us all renewed incentive to make their aspirations a reality.”