Primary school children get a call to action from Cheshire firefighters

Children from Weaverham Primary Academy and Oak View Academy are getting a taste of life as a firefighter during a six-week Primary RESPECT programme.

Dressed in Fire Kit, children are taking part in hose running, ‘blind’ trails, quizzes and roll calls as part of the Cheshire Fire Service course, which takes place for two hours each week at the Winsford HQ.

The course is similar to Fire Cadet training and aims to teach children about the roles of the police and the fire service, and how they use team work to keep us safe.

Fiona Whittaker, who is Principal at Oak View Academy and Executive Headteacher at Weaverham, is already seeing the benefits.

She said: “The children are having a great time and we love hearing them talking about it when they get back to school.
“We are always keen for children to learn outside of the classroom, as this is when you can really see them come into their own, and I am sure this is contributing to the progress both schools are making.”

Both Weaverham Primary Academy and Oak View Academy are part of the North West Academies Trust.

Ms Whittaker guided Oak View out of special measures in 2014 to being classified as ‘Good’ by Ofsted, and is now well on the road to being rated ‘Outstanding’.

Weaverham joined the trust in November 2018 and is also making great strides.

Steve Docking, CEO of NWAT, added: “There is great potential in both of these schools and knowing how to channel it is the key to success.

“Our team of teachers and support staff are very good at doing this and there is a lovely atmosphere at both schools, which makes learning better for everyone.”

For more information about Weaverham Primary Academy, email: or tel: 01606 852148.

For more information about Oak View Academy, email: or tel: 01606 288118.