Praise for Grosvenor Park Academy’s children and families

Grosvenor Park Academy Head of School Richard Clark has praised the way teachers and families have embraced the changes to pupils’ learning during lockdown.

Only a handful of children have attended the Chester primary since March 20 due to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning a completely new way of providing and receiving education had to be adopted.

Teachers have used online platforms to deliver lessons and communicate with pupils, while parents have been called upon to assist youngsters with studies at home.

Mr Clark admits it has been a challenge, but he is delighted with the response he has seen from staff and families alike.

He said: “We have gone from a standing start at the beginning of lockdown, to the creation of an entire virtual school.

“The launch of Google Classroom has gone well and we have launched a dedicated website where children can access personalised nurture provision if they need it.

“I’m very proud of the creativity the children are displaying, of the teamwork being shown by our brilliant team of staff, and the assistance and support we are receiving from families and the community.

“From the start of this situation we have been determined to continue providing the best possible education for our children, and everyone had to buy into the measures we put in place.

“Now we are seeing it in action and I’m confident everyone concerned will reap the rewards of their efforts.”

The city centre school is part of North West Academies Trust, which also oversees Delamere Academy, near Northwich, and Acresfield Primary School, Chester, which are ranked first and second in West Cheshire’s performance tables.

Another Chester-based NWAT school is St Martin’s Academy, which is the most over-subscribed primary in the borough.

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