Northgate pledge to save songbirds with Chester Zoo

Northgate Class from St Martin’s Academy have been taking part in community project Sing for Songbirds with Chester Zoo and celebrated the project with a visit to the zoo along with 275 other school children who have taken part.

The Sing for Songbirds project is dedicated to protecting and boosting the numbers of songbirds in the Indonesian forests.


A further 900 children involved in other festival days joined in the fun at zoo. Northgate pupils had a fantastic time experiencing further workshops, including a songbird market in their Sumatra School centre, learning about the importance of releasing the birds bred at the zoo into the wild whilst keeping track of them, as well as bird watching in their nature garden and creating homemade bird feeders.

Miss Boynton said: “It was fantastic to see how many other schools have been involved with the project and they celebrated together by singing the song Sing for Songbirds with the recording artist, a truly special experience.

“In preparation for our Songbird Mask Making Craft Stall, Northgate have been hard at work designing posters, signs, information posters and a showcase of some of the fantastic learning they have acquired during the project.”