MP praises ‘inspirational’ teacher at Delamere Academy

Nick Gibb MP, the Government’s Minister for School Standards, has singled out Delamere Academy teacher Lucy Bate for praise after she used a drone to make lessons fun for pupils. 

Miss Bate hit the headlines earlier this year when she flew the miniature craft high above the Stoney Lane primary’s grounds to inspire children to learn multiplication tables. 

While the drone soared the excited youngsters arranged themselves in different number formations to reflect what they had learned in class, and then giggled as they watched themselves back on video. 

Now Mr Gibb has taken to social media to congratulate Miss Bate for the ‘creative and engaging’ way she captured imaginations. 

He tweeted: “It’s inspiring on #ThankATeacherDay to see so many messages from pupils and their families celebrating this country’s teachers – like Miss Bate finding a creative and engaging way to teach multiplication tables.

”The tweet also contained a video produced by the Department of Education (DofE), who spent a day at Delamere filming Miss Bate using her drone to teach.It also featured some of the children, who described her as the ‘best teacher’ in the ‘world’, ‘universe’ and ‘galaxy’!

The DofE post, which was viewed almost 10,000 times in the first 12 hours, read: ‘We love to see teachers using technology and creativity to bring their lessons to life.“

Miss Bate said: “Maths can be quite a challenge for some, so it was wonderful to see so many children excited and eager to take part in a lesson. 

“All of their faces just lit up when they saw the drone. I’m really loving working here, it’s just a wonderful place to work.

”Delamere Academy, rated outstanding by Ofsted, is part of the North West Academies Trust (NWAT) which runs several schools across Cheshire and Shropshire.

Teachers at all the schools are encouraged to be innovative and imaginative in the way they deliver lessons, and every opportunity to learn outside of the classroom is taken.