Molecular Marty has a science party at St Martin’s

The summer term started with a real bang when Molecular Marty brought his rockets and explosions to St Martins’s Academy.

The Chester school invited the science ace, who takes his workshops and fun lessons to children across the county, to get children back in the mood for learning on their first day back from the Easter Holidays.

And Marty’s exciting combination of slime making, chemical reactions and electrical experiments certainly did the trick.

Teacher Danielle Lester, who organised the visit, said: “We tend to start every new term with a real ‘wow’ moment, some kind of a special event which will invigorate the children’s appetite for discovering something new.

“We had slime, bubbles, Mentos explosions and water rockets all before break time. “Everyone loved it and learned some fun facts about science.”

Molecular Marty is part of the Fun Science team, who aim to inspire a passion in children for learning and discovery through access to high tech equipment in a safe environment.

St Martin’s is part of North West Academies Trust (NWAT) which oversees a number of schools including Oak View at Winsford and Delamere near Northwich.

All NWAT schools pride themselves on finding new and innovative ways for pupils to learn, often away from the classroom.