Mental Health Matters at North West Academies Trust Schools 

Children at North West Academies Trust schools have been learning how the mind matters, as they played their part to support World Mental Health Day.

Many pupils at the Trust’s schools across Cheshire and Shropshire wore yellow to help raise awareness of the importance of talking about mental health, while activities included countryside walks, relaxing yoga and educational workshops.

Money was collected to support the #HelloYellow campaign organised by charity YoungMinds, who say three children in every classroom have a mental health problem and fear lockdown has exacerbated the issue.

Weaverham Primary Academy Head of School Jo Price said: “The current uncertainty we are living through is tough for everybody, and that includes children.

“They need to know that they don’t have to suffer loneliness, anxiety or depression alone and wearing yellow for the day, and encouraging them to express themselves, helps to show them they are valued and cared for.”

Stuart Roberts, Headteacher at Ellesmere Primary School, Shropshire, said: “We have counselling and support services available to all our children and now, more than ever, we are here to support them through all the difficulties they face.

“Our ‘Feel Good Friday’ was a lovely day of sharing and taking care of ourselves and each other.”

Grosvenor Park Academy Head of School Richard Clark added: “It was great to get the whole school involved in a day full of activities to boost their mental health and wellbeing. We are a family here and it is important that our children feel valued and cared for.”

Fiona Whittaker, Headteacher at Oak View Academy, said: ” The mental health of our children comes above all else, and these days really help to keep this in focus.

“All our classes were asked to think about their mental health through a range of lessons, and I read a story in assembly designed to raise awareness of how we can all help each other.”

Headteacher at Rudheath Senior Academy, Lee Barber, said: “Every week we have ‘Feel Good Friday’ where students can draw, discuss, debate, quiz or watch something funny. This forms part of our continuous holistic approach towards positivity and positive mental health.”

Acresfield Primary School Headteacher, Mike Dixon, added: “It has been a wonderful day celebrating HelloYello. Childen’s mental health is so important right now and we have enjoyed doing our bit to help raise funds to support this amazing cause.”

St Martin’s Academy Head of School Wenda Smith added: “We ended the week on the right note with ‘Feel Good Friday’, which also happened to be our first ‘Wonder Day’ of the new term. Every class designed a day of rest and recuperation with a food related activity, something creative and a little bit of exercise. We have a wonderful school community and everyone left for the weekend feeling uplifted.”
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