Local MP says future is feeling good at Weaverham Primary Academy

“You can not only see, but also feel that this is a school on a journey to somewhere good.”

That was the verdict of Weaver Vale MP Michael Amesbury, who was blown away by the progress being made at Weaverham Primary Academy.
The Northwich Road school became part of North West Academies Trust (NWAT) 12 months ago and an ambitious programme aimed at lifting standards across the board was immediately embarked upon.
Now Mr Amesbury has seen for himself the strides being made.
He said: “I have visited many schools, and this one has a really nice feel.
“The atmosphere is great and the children genuinely engage – the questions they asked me were much better than what I get in Parliament!
“It was good to see and I will help to promote the good work being done in any way I can. The children and families in the local community deserve the best possible education.”
Weaverham now benefits from being able to share resources with several high-performing schools across Cheshire and Shropshire who are also part of Chester-based NWAT.
A broad and exciting programme of education in and out of the classroom has been adopted, as well as a focus on keeping children healthy and active with a wealth of sporting opportunities.
A pre-school, rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, is moving to the site and will open on November 4, while work to replace the school’s flat roofs is under way.
Now Mr Amesbury has agreed to actively support a bid for funding to pay for a new heating and water system, as the relentless drive to make improvements continues.
Executive Head Fiona Whittaker said: “The children and parents are so enthusiastic about the changes we have made in the last 12 months, and there is excitement about where we will be in the next 12 months.
“Children get one opportunity at education and we have to get it right. All our staff know our vision for the future, and we are all focused on the same thing.”
Steve Docking, CEO of NWAT, added: “Weaverham has strong leadership and a great team who have made remarkable progress.
“Children are enjoying a huge amount of new opportunities and are taking responsibility for their own decisions. This is the start of something very special.
Among the other NWAT schools is Delamere Academy, near Northwich, which is ranked the highest performing primary in West Cheshire according to the latest performance tables.
In Chester there is Acresfield Primary School, which is second highest performing, and St Martin’s Academy, which is the most over subscribed school in Cheshire West.
For information about the Weaverham Primary Academy and the new Weaverham Pre-School, tel: 01606 852148.


  • MP Mike Amesbury on his tour of Weaverham Primary Acaedemy with Executive Headteacher Fiona Whittaker.
  • Jenny Marshall shows MP Mike Amesbury around the new Weaverham Pre-school.