Growing scientific minds at St Martin’s Academy

Watergate Class at St Martin’s Academy donned their (metaphorical) lab coats this week in a bid to become botanical scientists.

After a very interesting discussion about what plants need to grow and thrive, the children came up with a list including: water, air, food and love.

The children were then encouraged to think like a scientist to come up with a way of testing whether their hypothesis is true or false. It was decided that each pair should test just one of the ‘needs’ by planting two seeds. One with the ‘need’ and one without. This way it would be clear whether their hypothesis was true or false.

It was easy enough to remove the water from one seed, but finding a way to remove the love was left up to Oliver, who came up with the original suggestion, to decide on what a plant with ‘no love’ would get.

After such an icy start to the week, it was felt that the weather was probably good enough to begin planting seeds into the veg trugs that were so successful last year. So the children planted; onions, carrots, beetroot and garlic. Fingers crossed for some good growing weather!