Little Sebastian Bunn’s baking boost for charity

A five-year-old Grosvenor Park Academy pupil baked 500 cakes in two days to raise cash to help pay for repairs to a park that had been vandalised.

Sebastian Bunn, from Chester, captured the hearts of local people when he set up a ‘kindness bakery’ to cheer people up during the coronavirus pandemic last year.

The talented youngster cooked up around 8,000 cakes during lockdown and gave them away, earning media attention for his act of generosity.

Sebastian with Huntington Parish Councillors

Sebastian’s Bakery was put on ice when he started at Grosvenor Park last September, but he got back in action over the Easter holidays when he heard nearby Jubilee Park had been vandalised.

Now he has handed more than £80 in donations to Huntington Parish Council to help with repairs.

With dad and mum David and Katie

Mum Katie said: “Sebastian started his bakery this time last year. He wanted to bake cakes to give away free during the spell in which we were only allowed one hour of exercise each day.

“For years we have given out fruit from outside our house to Chester Marathon runners, so I think he got the idea from there.

“Every day he would bake cakes and leave them at the end of our path for passers-by. In total more than 8,000 cakes were given away just to cheer people up during the uncertain times.

“He had to stop when he went to school, but he was adamant he wanted to do it again when he learned people had knocked down trees in our local park – Sebastian had planted two of them himself.

“So this time he asked for donations for his cakes, and he made 500 cakes over two days and raised £82.50 which he presented to the councillors of Huntington. We are super proud of him and all his efforts.”

Sebastian has become quite a celebrity for his baking. He has featured on BBC News and received countless thank-you cards and many requests for the recipes to his infamous lemon drizzle and Malteser crispy cakes.

It is understood the funds Sebastian raised will go towards a new CCTV system for the park.

Grosvenor Park Academy is part of the North West Academies Trust, which runs several schools across Cheshire and Shropshire.