Ellesmere pupils invade York on Viking-age visit

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Ellesmere Primary School pupils travelled back in time when their learning journey took them on a residential trip to York.

Wide-eyed Year 3 children spent three full days learning about Vikings, whose invasion of the city was led by Ivar The Boneless in 866, how they lived and the legacy they left.

They learned how to build Viking long ships and siege engines, made some Viking bread and spent time at the famous Jorvik Viking Centre during an action-packed spell.

And when their time was up they left far more peacefully than Eric Bloodaxe, the last Viking King to rule in York who was expelled in 954!

Teacher Jade Wilcox, said: “We took 45 children plus eight Year 6 helpers to York for three days and they had a fantastic time.

“They enjoyed all the activities and experiencing Jorvik in the time of the Vikings.

“They all behaved brilliantly and were responsible and organised during the entire three days.

“The children were a credit to the school and their parents and we now have lots of new learning that we can apply in our topic lessons.”

The trip also included a guided tour of York Minster and a workshop at the National Rail Museum.

Stuart Roberts, Headteacher at the Elson Road school, said: “It was an inspirational trip which I’m sure they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

“Thanks again to the teaching and support staff who volunteer to make this type of experience possible.”

Ellesmere Primary is part of North West Academies Trust (NWAT) which oversees a number of schools in Shropshire and Cheshire.

At all NWAT schools, extra importance is placed on broadening the scope of learning for pupils by taking them into different environments.

CEO of NWAT Steve Docking believes getting children out of the classroom to gain new and exciting experiences is a vital part of their education.

He said: “They generate huge excitement and are a great way for children to learn, have new experiences and make fantastic memories.

“We pride ourselves on creating diverse and interesting learning environments and work hard to make sure children don’t spend their days just sitting at a desk.

“This broad programme of learning enables children to achieve well in all areas and is securing high attainment and levels of progress throughout our schools.”