Ellesmere are Good Sports!

Ellesmere Primary School’s youngest pupils were the winners of a sports tournament recently, where they competed against seven other schools.

Pupils from Year One and Two competed in ten sports including javelin, long jump, hurdles and relay races. Ellesmere Primary headteacher, Andrew Everett said: “It was a great experience for all the children who took part. They enjoyed learning the skills required for each competition.

“They were really motivated to try their best and they were clearly having a great time cheering each other on.”

Ellesmere’s success comes just after the introduction of an extended sports and enrichment programme which aims to inspire all children.

Assistant headteacher, Abi Schwarz, is delighted their hard work has been rewarded, she said: “I think an element of competition in a wide range of disciplines gives children something to aim for. It helps teach them to try their best, work as a team and to be gracious whether winning or losing. The competition brought out the best in everyone involved and we had a fantastic day.”

Other primary schools that took part were Cockshutt, Welshampton, Criftins and Whittington.

The event was organised by Gemma Vaughan, Year One teacher at Ellesmere Primary School.

She added: “We ensure that all children can compete in some form of sport, and they are recognised for participating. The day was a great experience for some of our youngest pupils and winning the tournament also showed them that hard work does pay off.”