Drive to encourage girls’ team sports at Weaverham Primary Academy

Weaverham Primary Academy have launched a drive to boost their girl power on the sports field.

The Northwich Road school has set up a number of girls-only sporting events aimed at boosting participation at a young age.

PE lead Janine McAughey has forged links with local teams, including Winsford’s Oak View Academy, to stage an all-girls tag rugby tournament at Winnington Park Rugby Football Club (WPRFC).

A coach from Northwich Victoria Football Club will also be visiting school to work with the teams.

It’s all designed to get females having healthy fun and enjoying long-term benefits in physical and mental health.

Executive Headteacher Fiona Whittaker said: “We already have a strong sporting provision but we’re putting additional focus on girls’ team sports.

“It’s well known that boys spend significantly longer playing sport each day, but this is something we want to change at our school.

“Evidence shows that both boys and girls who participate in sport enjoy it equally, so it’s important that we give them the encouragement and support at an early age to make physical activity part of their lives.”

According to the World Health Organisation, females who play sports have higher levels of confidence and self-esteem and lower levels of depression.

Ms Whittaker added: “Being physically active has both immediate and long-term benefits in physical and mental health.

“As part of a team girls can socialise with friends who are also active and form good habits.”

Weaverham Primary Academy, formerly called University Primary Academy Weaverham, became part of North West Academies Trust (NWAT) in November.

Other schools within the trust, which foster the same approach to sport include Oak View Academy, Delamere Academy and Chester’s Grosvenor Park Academy and St Martin’s Academy.

Steve Docking, CEO of NWAT said: “All our schools offer fabulous sporting opportunities for children, I have seen the huge benefits sport is bringing to the children at Weaverham and the confidence it develops in every aspect of life.

“Our teachers and staff work extremely hard to make sure children have the opportunities and encouragement to try something new and we consistently see the benefits that come from this.”

For more information about Weaverham Primary Academy, email: or tel: 01606 852148.