Delamere Academy’s PTA won’t let social distancing stop their fundraising     

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Delamere Academy’s PTA has raised a bumper £7,000 to support the school – despite a host of money-spinning events having to be cancelled.

The dedicated team of parents take great pride in their work to bring in additional funds for the Stoney Lane primary, and smashed through the £20,000 milestone last year.

This academic year has been tougher, with the popular annual sports day, summer fair and beer festival having to be scrapped due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But the determined committee had already brought in a very healthy sum, and kept things ticking over by selling second-hand uniforms during lockdown.

Kate Carroll, Chair of the PTA said: “We were having a brilliant year until lockdown and it was sad to cancel our remaining events.

“Next year is going to be difficult, our Chistmas Fair alone raised over £2,000, but we have very supportive families and local businesses so I am sure we will make things work.

“I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who contributed, either through their time or donations, the generosity never ceases to surprise me.”

The funds have already been put to good use, a classroom update and new equipment purchased to support socially-distanced sports, including balance bikes.

Head of school Julie Clayton said: “The children and the school benefit hugely from the funds raised by the PTA and it has been sad to see so many of their events cancelled, which are usually a highlight in our year.

“Despite social distancing they have continued to raise money and we feel extremely lucky to have so much support from our parents, friends of the school and local businesses.

“The money raised is vital to enabling us to purchase important additional equipment which makes a huge difference to the way our children are educated.

“The partnership is always great to see and these events, now more than ever, really demonstrate the positivity of teamwork and unity.”

The PTA is looking to local businesses for support with their Christmas Shopping Event, or sponsorship of the popular Quiz Night. If you can help, please email the school at: or tel: 01829 707 979.

PHOTOS: Last year’s Summer Fair and Beer Festival.