Delamere Academy flies the green flag  

Eco warriors have declared war on waste at Delamere Academy.

Children at the Stoney Lane primary school have helped secure the prestigious Eco Schools Green Flag award, which recognises work towards promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

The pupils have worked on cultivating home-grown produce, recycling where possible, reusing scrap paper and caring for the environment.

Teachers Amanda Walker and Melissa Wood have lead the eco warrior charge.

Miss Wood said: “The children take pride in learning about the environment and the impact that they can make; both within school and the wider world.

“We have designated eco warriors in each class, from Reception to Year 6, who are given the opportunity to help shape the environmental goals at Delamere and help make a difference.

“During the assessment for the award the eco warriors spoke proudly and with enthusiasm about the environmental work they completed within and around school.”

The youngsters are also spreading the word to friends and family, in a bid to encourage them to reduce waste in their homes.

Key Stage 1 Lead Teacher Miss Walker added: “I’m extremely proud of the children at Delamere and their commitment to looking after their school and the environment.”

Head of School Julie Clayton added: “This is the eighth year in a row we have successfully achieved the award, which is no small task.

“We all work extremely hard to ensure our children learn responsibility and how to care for themselves and the world around them.”

Delamere Academy is part of North West Academies Trust, which operates schools across Cheshire and Shropshire.