CSI Watergate solve a mystery at St Martin’s Academy!

This week the children of Watergate have become Crime Scene Investigators; learning all about the skills and techniques required to solve mysteries and catch criminals.

The team from Think Forensic came in to help solve the mystery of the missing iPad. The children were shown how fingerprints can be found and collected to help eliminate suspects, and had the chance to collect their own fingerprint using silver powder and a squirrel hair brush!

After sending the fingerprints off to the ‘lab’, the children had three suspects, Mr Windsor, Mr Jones and Miss O’Donoghue. More investigations were needed, more evidence was required!



The children analysed hair samples using a digital microscope, took tyre prints and footprints using special plaster and magnetic powder. In the end, it was the hair sample that gave the game away, Miss O’Donoghue had taken the iPad! However, it turned out that she had just borrow it to be repaired, and was very sorry for the confusion!

Another mystery unfolded when the children were asked to investigate the house of the three bears. This gave the children the chance to find out more about how crimes are investigated and, as you can see, they got to use loads of new and exciting equipment, including real microscopes.