Children at Weaverham Primary Academy have passion for a page-turner


Busy bookworms at Weaverham Primary Academy have been getting riveted with reading.

All pupils and teachers have taken part in the Reading Gives You Wings project, which aims to encourage a love of literature.

The scheme challenges everyone to read a book and then discuss it in class.

Executive Headteacher Fiona Whittaker says she has already seen a shift in thinking.

She said: “The children have really got into it, especially because their teachers have joined them.

“They are continuing to enjoy reading, which is so important to their learning.”

Children also cut out bird shapes and wrote about their book on them, which have been proudly displayed in the entrance hall.

Favourite authors included Roald Dahl, Philip Pullman, JK Rowling and Michael Morpurgo.

Ms Whittaker added: “Reading lets children experience new things, improves concentration, helps develop new interests, grows their imagination and also helps to develop feelings such as empathy.

“It is also a good way to limit screen time, which can have many negative effects including changes in mood and sleep problems.”

The project is part of wider changes at Weaverham Primary Academy. The Northwich Road school joined North West Academies Trust (NWAT) just over a year ago.

Ms Whittaker, who guided Winsford’s Oak View Academy out of special measures in 2014 to being classified as ‘good’ by Ofsted, was appointed and progress is being swiftly made.

Steve Docking, CEO of NWAT, said: “Weaverham has strong leadership and a great team who have made remarkable strides.

“Children are enjoying a huge amount of new opportunities and are taking responsibility for their own decisions. This is the start of something very special.”

Among the other NWAT schools is Delamere Academy, near Northwich, which is ranked the highest performing primary in West Cheshire according to the latest performance tables.

In Chester there is Acresfield Primary School, which is second-highest performing, and St Martin’s Academy, which is the most over-subscribed school in the borough.

For information about the Weaverham Primary Academy and the new Weaverham Pre-School, tel: 01606 852148.