Children at Oak View Academy get hands on with a clutch of newly hatched chicks

Egg-cited children have taken delivery of four newly hatched chicks at Oak View Academy.The fluffy newcomers will be spending time in each classroom until they are big enough to move into the Winsford primary’s new coop.

And there are plans to introduce more feathered friends over the coming weeks, as teachers look to harness the educational and wellbeing benefits of caring for animals.

Nursery lead Vicky Owen said: “We are all very excited to see our new arrivals, and this project will give the children the opportunity to see first-hand how chicks develop into chickens.

“The first two were Bovan Goldline chicks, and the second pair, which arrived on Tuesday (4th) are Cream Leghorn chicks.

They are very small so they are living in the Acorn Preschool classroom, but will visit a different classes each day so that the rest of the school get to meet them. 

“We are hoping the chicks will soon be joined by two Indian Runner Ducks and two Crested Cream Legbar chicks after they have hatched.

“The Darnhall Foundation, a registered charity, provided the money for the coop so that children can learn how to care for animals, and experience the mental health benefits that can come with keeping pets.

Oak View, who are part of the North West Academies Trust, are now on the lookout for financial support to purchase a rabbit hutch where the young birds can live until they are big enough for the coop.If you can be of assistance please call 01606 288188 or email