Egg-citing addition at Grosvenor Park Academy

It’s been a cracking week for children at Grosvenor Park Academy who watched in awe as their eggs hatched into chicks.

The Year 5 pupils waited patiently for two days before the chicks started breaking out, and are now making the most of eight fluffy birds before they go to their forever homes in time for Easter. 

Teacher Charlotte Gill said: “The eggs came to us for the last two days of incubation and it was so exciting when the first couple of cracks started to appear. By the next morning we had two chicks, and the following day I was greeted by five more – squashed into the incubator. The eighth hatched at lunchtime the same day, so the class were very lucky to see one hatch as it normally happens during the early hours of the morning.

“In Year 5 the science curriculum looks at the life cycle of different living organisms; mammals, amphibians, plants and birds. As we had not been able to go out on any school trips, we decided to bring the farm to us. The children have photographed and documented the entire process. 

“We called the chicks Shelly, Roxy, Baby Gaga, Yoda, Chicki Minaj, Turbo, Gerald and Megatron. We have homes for all of the chicks, two will be garden chickens and the rest are going to live on a farm. 

“As well as having lots of cuddles and fun watching them run around the classroom, we are also learning about the life cycle of different living organisms in science!”

Grosvenor Park purchased a package from a company called Incredible Eggs, who incubated the eggs for three weeks before delivering them to the school in time for their hatching. 
Grosvenor is part of the North West Academies Trust (NWAT), which runs schools across Cheshire and Shropshire, including Delamere Academy near Northwich, St Martin’s Academy, Hoole, and Acresfield Primary School, Upton, which are all rated outstanding.

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