Celebrating difference at St Martins Academy

As-salamu alaykum – Peace be with you.

Northgate were very lucky to experience a brilliant workshop led by Imran who led an assembly on the 5 pillars of Islam.They then took part in the wudu ritual of cleansing oneself before prayer and learning some of the 99 names for Allah and their meaning. The children enjoyed the interactive workshop were they were able to wear the traditional headwear for men and women as well as observe and hold some replica artefacts including the Qur’an, prayer beads, prayer mats, date taste-testing and traditional clothing worn on their pilgrimage to Mecca as part of their 5th Pillar Hajj.

They continued their learning in the classroom by questioning each other on the chosen name of Allah given to learn as many different names and their meanings as possible and relished taking part in our Quiz of the Year. All the children were completely engaged which was fantastic to see and answered enthusiastically with Islam 5 being announced the winners, however all the children deserve a special mention as their knowledge of Islam and what they have learned this week is phenomenal.