Building skills with a little help from Lego

The children of Watergate turned their collective enthusiasm for Sainsbury’s Lego cards into an opportunity to learn about using money and giving change.

They set to work with a mountain of kindly donated cards.

The children were given an amount of money that they had to count themselves. Then they had to decide whether they wanted to buy rare cards for 25p per pack, common cards for 10p per pack, or extremely rare cards for 40p per pack. Once they had figured out which cards they wanted the children worked out how much they would cost and informed the ‘shopkeeper’. The shopkeeper had to check their calculations using a calculator, and if they were correct the cards were theirs (until the end of the lesson!).

After dutifully handing over the packs at the end of the session, the joy on their faces when they were told they could open and keep some was fantastic! A well deserved reward for some fabulous learning and a brilliant, hard working year.