Bringing learning to life at Chester Zoo

Newgate Class, from St Martin’s Academy, entered a magical story world last week.

The children made a promise to enter the fascinating world of story world by opening up their imaginations and suspending their disbelief, learning more about the story Lost & Found by Oliver Jeffers. The children loved learning the special rhymes and having a sprinkle of magic dust to begin their adventure.

After learning about the beginning of the story the children then had a visitor from the little boy in the story. He was very upset and asked for their help. The children quickly responded to helping the little boy and they took on the mission of becoming animal experts to find out what penguins like and how to look after them. The perfect time to do this was was during our visit to Chester Zoo!

All twenty-five animal experts from Newgate set off on an adventure to the zoo on Tuesday. They their questions ready to find out what penguins like and how we need to look after animals to keep them happy and healthy. During our question time, which was lead by the amazing educators at Chester Zoo, we learnt about their role in the zoo, which animal was their favourite and also about a few other interesting animals who lived there. Even though these facts had all the children in awe the most amazing information was that penguins swim at twenty-five miles an hour!