BLOG: “Think about the fire good teachers ignite in their pupils every day”

Our CEO Steve Docking reflects on a week when education was rarely out of the headlines.

Funny week in the world of education this week – but then what week isn’t? The news was depressing. Schools have no money, they will have less money next year, less money the year after and the year after that? Even less. Politicians argue the system has never had it so good and funding is at a record high.

Who is correct? Who knows?

Perhaps the only thing we know for certain is that the job we do is a great one and, for me, this clip perfectly showcases all that can be wonderful about education.

One of our classes ventured out on a forest skills day, learning new and exciting things about an environment that has been around forever, but that can take an educator’s eye to bring alive.

His shear joy at making a flint set fire to a bit of cotton is met with a resounding ‘yesss’..He appears unaffected by budget cuts, the damage that negativity inflicts on education or the proposed growth of grammar and free schools.

We need more ‘yes’ moments in education and more opportunities for children to explore what real learning is, helping them to develop an active love of school. The happier children are in school, in the main, the better they will achieve. If we continue to fuel the media’s negative dogma that we are all moaners, do we risk it rubbing off on the children?

So this week take a flint, burn some cotton wool, throw a load of stuff on it and think about the fire good teachers ignite in their pupils every day.