An active start to 2017 at St Martin’s Academy

Newgate and Bridgegate classed have welcomed in the new year with a multi-skills unit looking at all the areas needed to be a great games player. This week the focus was around the control of a large ball, bouncing, moving with and throwing and catching, each week the children will learn and develop important skills which can be transferred into most games based sports. Watergate and Northgate are more sport specific this half term as they learn and improve their football skills.

On Tuesday both Year 2 and 3 started their health related exercise unit, this half term their lessons will focus on two main areas; cross country and orienteering. The two sports go hand-in-hand as orienteering requires endurance which cross-country can provide.

The first step was to gauge the children’s current cardio-vascular fitness and endurance by challenging them with the multi-stage fitness challenge. Northgate, who completed the challenge last year, massively improved overall as a class. All of the children had a really positive attitude towards the challenge and wanted to challenge themselves as much as possible with some fantastic end results.

Similarly Watergate worked really hard and ran their little legs off, some even proving themselves against their older peers. It looks like we are off to a brilliant start, with all of the children’s endurance way above expectations!