A-plus in Spelling Bee for Ellesmere children

Clever pupils at Ellesmere Primary have spelt it out for their teachers: We know our words!

Speedy spellers rose to the challenge and delighted the audience at their second Annual Spelling Bee by getting tricky words including ‘exultant’, ‘luxurious’ and ‘precede’ correct.

Suzanne Gathercole, Year 6 teacher, said: “All the children were extremely brave, spelling out the words clearly so that the audience could hear.

“Huge cheers erupted from the rest of the school each time a winner was found.

“The purpose of the spelling bee is to raise the profile of spelling, as it is such an important part of the curriculum.

“We are all looking forward to our third annual spelling bee, next year.”

They had all been given list of words to learn, and had taken part in qualifying ‘heats’ in class to whittle numbers down to five finalists per year group.

For the final, each child was asked to spell five words from the challenging list. If there was a tie-break, the teachers found even harder words for them to tackle.

Mrs Gathercole added: “The children never fail to amaze me, the whole school rose to the challenge with confidence, and really got into the spirit of the event.”

Ellesmere Primary is part of North West Academies Trust (NWAT) which oversees a number of schools in Shropshire and Cheshire.

All the NWAT schools pride themselves on finding new and innovative ways for pupils to learn, often away from the classroom.

Steve Docking, CEO of NWAT, said: “These whole school events always create excitement and the addition of a competitive element really encourages children to reach their potential.

“We pride ourselves on making learning fun and the approach is securing high attainment and levels of progress throughout our schools.”