A military mission is underway at Oak View Academy 

Children are on a mission to learn the ways of the Military at Oak View Academy.

The Year 3 youngsters are happily soldiering through a special course designed to promote respect, confidence, discipline, achievement and teamwork.

It is being delivered by the UK Military School’s Sam Taylor, an ex-soldier with the Royal Horse Artillery, who visits every week to teach the core values of the Armed Forces through outdoor activities, drills and survival skills training.

He said: “Our aim is to raise attainment through the military ethos which instills respect, confidence, self-discipline, achievement, healthy living and teamwork.

“The children respond really well. I think seeing a positive role model is good for them.

“They learn respect and we are able to get them on a positive path which can help them in all aspects of life. It can lead to training and jobs in all the protective services.”

Oak View is the only Mid-Cheshire primary school currently working with the UK Military School.

They first joined forces when the school became an academy in 2014 and, following a two year break, are back in action together.

Principal Fiona Whittaker said: “Mentoring helps the children believe in themselves and see their potential.

“The children taking part will benefit greatly in developing their emotional resilience, and the values that are promoted are also key in the classroom.”

The school is rated ’good’ by Ofsted and Ms Whittaker believes this type of initiative is putting it well on the road to being rated ‘outstanding’.

She added: “There are so many good things happening at this school, but we are constantly looking for ways to get better.

We do everything we can to keep our children engaged. As part of North West Academies Trust (NWAT) we work hard to make sure our systems are constantly challenged and evolved.

“My philosophy in education is to try to understand why children behave a certain way, and to then do everything we can to make them feel good about themselves so that they can succeed.

“I will never accept being ‘good enough’. There will always be room for improvement.”
Steve Docking, CEO of NWAT, said: “Oak View Academy is a great place for children to learn, and a positive example of what can be achieved when you never accept second best.”