Delamere children share ‘the wonders of the world’

Each year, classes from Delamere CofE Academy hold a collective worship at St Peter’s Church, Delamere, for their families.

The service is an opportunity for families to come together to reflect on the wonders of the world around us through a child’s eyes.

The children stood proudly and shared what the school’s Christian values of respect, care, peace and love meant to them.

Through the beauty of art, the children produced wonderful pieces of work highlighting a school value chosen by them and stood with pride as they all took turns to speak in front of a special audience about their artwork.

The children thoroughly enjoyed talking about something that was personal to them.

Ruby from Year 1 said: “I have painted a picture about respect. This is a picture of my mummy. I respect my mummy because she is a nurse and helps people. When i’m hurt, she helps me.

Rosie from Year 1 added: “This picture is about peace. I drew the dove because it is the Christian symbol of peace. The dove reminds me of peace and quiet.”